CJ’s Fresh Milk

Supplier of top quality, fresh, local raw milk
to the West Coast

From our family to yours.

Better for your taste buds

  • Better for your taste buds
  • Processed milk from the shops cannot compete with the full creamy taste and smooth texture of raw milk.

Better for you

  • Unprocessed fresh raw milk is real, living food: believed by many to help with gut and skin conditions among the other benefits.

Better for our world

  • Colin and Jody farm following organic principles in a sustainable way.
  • Our pastures are spray free and no chemical fertilisers are used.
  • Milk is supplied in reuseable glass bottles which last indefinitely when handled sensibly.

Milk from the Farm

  • Pick up any time
  • Open 24 hours every day


Must Have your own Cjs Fresh Milk Bottles then we are able to swap them over.
– they must be Clean

PLEASE . . .
When you put an Order through please put your order Number on your Payment like so #00
The order number is needed to match your order to your payment.
Orders cannot be delivered if we do not know they have been paid for.
Thank you

Please order by 1pm the Day before the Delivery day to ensure we can deliver to you.

If you do not have your own Cjs Fresh Milk bottles then you Have to By them @ $4.00 Each with your Order in the shop on the order page

Not enough orders to make this viable




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