Milk as Nature intends it.

Colin and Jody are West Coast dairy farmers through and through.

Ask any ex dairy farmer what their biggest miss is and they will all say its the fresh milk.

There is nothing like fresh milk in your coffee or on your cereal, and the milkshakes are to die for!

Walk into the home of Jody and Colin and you will see they have a cow obsession.

Everywhere you look, a cow is looking back at you.

There are cows on the counter,cows in the garden,cow salt and pepper shakers, cow cups, cows that dance and sing, and cows that guard the door!


Talk to Jody about the cows in her herd and her eyes light up and she will share stories of her girls like they are her friends

There is Lucy -she is from a huge commercial herd of 500 cows. Jody performed Artificial Insemination for the herd and worked with Lucy for seven years. Jody fell in love with her and recognised her as one of those girls that deserved an adventure. Jody purchasing her and bringing her home to whataveiw farm was lifechanging for Lucy.

She has blossomed, maybe too much! she has gone from being a docile herd cow to regularly beating up the rushes on the way home for milking

Happiness is everywhere here.