Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Deliver Milk?

  • Yes we deliver to Greymouth, Hokitika and surrounding areas.

Are you organic?

  • No, we are biologically sensitive
  • We aim for a high earthworm-count in our soil
  • We supplement minerals where they are deficient
  • We make and feed our own silage
  • We aim to encourage and protect a high level of microbial life in our soil

How long do you leave calves with cows?

  • After they are born they get a really good drink of colostrum.
  • Usually the cow is getting pretty uncomfortable afte 24 hours and that would be the longest we would like to leave them before milking.
  • The calves are picked up at this stage.

Are there bacteria in the milk?

Yes, millions of good bacteria and very few bad ones.Good bacteria are like probiotics.

What is A2 Milk?

  • A2 milk is the ancient milk that every cow gave for the last 20,000 years.
  • The incidence of A1 milk is only recent, over the last few hundred years.         

What is the fridge life of milk?

  • Our milk lasts easily two weeks in the fridge if kept at the right temperature.

Why are you allowed to sell raw milk?

Under the Food Act 2016
See notice of registration   

What do you feed the cows?

  • Grass and silage.

What about mastitis?

  • Sub-clinical is where we apply most of our efforts because we rarely see clinical cases.
  • Any cases of mastitis are treated in a humane way which sometimes requires penicillin.
  • We then double the milk withholding period after that treatment.

Do you use chemicals?

  • We spot-spray weeds like thistles and gorse
  • We use no acid fertilisers

Do you drench the cows?

  • We vaccinate for leptospirosis and salmonella and use pour-on for lice.
  • All remedials we use are approved by the vet for the protection of the milk.

We test every ten days.